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Hello My Divi Friends! 

Welcome to Divi Yoga.  

My name is Karen Prindle and I am a certified yoga teacher (Hatha, Yin & Yoga Nidra), reiki practitioner, and meditation teacher specializing in mindfulness techniques. 

Why Divi Yoga?  When we think of yoga, we often hear tree analogies in class about rooting down and finding your footing.  It's so true, everything in life starts with a strong foundation.  Many years back, when on a beautiful beach vacation in Aruba, I learned about the islands "Divi Divi Tree".  I love how they grow near the ocean, each unique and full of character.  They remind me of giant Bonsai Trees in the way they bend, grow and flourish with the winds, unlike all the traditional trees that grow straight up to the sky.  


As I grow in life, I see myself much like a Divi Divi Tree blowing in the winds. Always resilient and evolving into my strongest, most unique self.  I believe the key to feeling more balanced is to follow OUR inner compass.  We each have our very own "personal road-map" that we intuitively hold.  With a little guidance from me, we can work together to connect you in a more holistic way, to the BEST version of YOU!  We are all perfectly imperfect just like the Divi Divi Tree, uniquely designed that way.

I have some great resources, including recently becoming a "Burning Bright" by Kelsey Patel Book Club Leader.  I look forward to sharing this and my energy healing services:  Reiki, breathwork, 1:1 yoga, journaling to guided meditations.


Get those notebooks ready, as we take your personal road-map to the next level. 



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