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Hello My Divi Friends! 

Welcome to Divi Yoga.  


My name is Karen Prindle and I am a certified yoga teacher (Hatha, Yin and Yoga Nidra), reiki practitioner, and meditation teacher specializing in mindfulness techniques. 

Why Divi Yoga?  When we think of yoga, we often hear tree analogies in class about rooting down and strong like a tree.  I always like those analogies, but it wasn't until I spent time in Aruba that I really connected to this thought process.  I was introduced to the islands "Divi Divi Tree".  The meaning is quite significant as the trees are almost like giant Bonsai Trees, crooked and unique.  They are rooted and grow in the direction of the winds.  They are so strong and often live on the beaches (another favorite connection of mine).  As I grow in life, I see myself much like a Divi Divi Tree blowing in the winds...always resilient and evolving into my strongest, most unique self.


I believe the key to feeling more balanced is to follow one thing and one thing only:  we need to follow OUR "inner compass" or "personal road-map".  With a little guidance from me, we can work together to connect you in a more holistic way, to the BEST version of YOU!

I have some great resources, including recently becoming a "Burning Bright" by Kelsey Patel Book Club Leader.  I look forward to sharing with you from energy healing services to guided meditations to clearing your home (clutter-free in the physical helps the clarity in the mind).   Get those notebooks ready, as journaling is TOP of the list on finding the ROOT cause of where you are and where you want to be headed in life.  Road-mapping our way....

Whether it's your mind, body or spirit...a clear space is the way to your clear path!

Now let's GO!!!!



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